Services Details

  • Soil and Water Analysis : Before initiating the plantation of a farmer, the first thing we do is to analyze the soil and water. We also check the soil profile, based on which we decide the specifications for the pit to be made. Generally we prefer to dig a pit of size 3x3x3 ft.

  • Plantation Layout : We recommend a spacing of 9 x 9 meters. As it is a horticultural plantation marking plays a very important role, it gives a good look to the farm. We ourselves do this operation free of cost so that the farmer feels at ease. The plant density per acre is 50 and 125 in one hectare.

  • Pollination Support : At the time of plantation, we suggest farmer to cultivate sufficient male plants for 50 females Date Palm. The male plants grow along with the tissue culture plants and provide inflorescence for pollination. We also import quality TC males as well as pollens needed for timely pollination.

  • Nutrition And Pest Management : Generally all the plantations are under drip irrigation. So we have to recommend a suitable soluble fertilizer mix for fertigation. We usually use a NPK and micro nutrient mix. As far as pest management is concerned, we recommend regular use of fungicides for controlling Graphiola leaf spot. There is an occasional attack of Red Palm Weevil and Rhinoceros Beetle for which we train the farmers regarding prophylactic and control measures.

  • Drip irrigation and Water Management : We advise the farmers to install Drip Irrigation system and support them in its maintenance as well as in Water Management.

    We attend to all our customers regularly and guide them in their efforts to successfully cultivate Date Palm.