Advantages Of Date Palm Tissue Culture Plants Details

Date Palm can be propagated sexually by seeds or asexually by offshoots. When grown from seeds, only 50% chance of having female, while from the offshoot, the progeny palms will be identical to its parent, but survival rate in the field is very low (<35%). So tissue culture is the only method of choice to produce genetically stable planting material in large quantity.
  • Best Quality Planting material : A team of senior scientists from Date Palm Research Station, Mundra (GAU) , officials from a local leading NGO Shree Vivekanand Research and Training Institute(VRTI), Local Progressive farmers and an Israeli Scientist did a herculean task of identifying elite Date Palm based on more than 25 parameters. They screened 200 such trees out of 2 million plans which could be multiplied.

  • Healthy and disease free Plants : Ensuring our plants are disease free by Virus indexing through DBT (Department of Biotechnology –Government of India).

  • True to type quality material : 100% Guarantee of our plants being the exact genetic duplicate of the original mother plant by DNA fingerprint through DBT (Department of Biotechnology – Government of India).

  • Quantitave and Qualitative fruiting : Tissue culture plants grow rapidly with negligible losses and give larger quantity of fruits compared to traditionally propagated plants.

  • Season free planting material : Tissue culture technology enables us to supply valuable tissue culture plants in large quantities at a specified, planned date throughout the year.